Places Of Interest In Silver Spring MD

Silver Spring, Maryland is a very interesting place for many reasons. First of all, did you know that Silver Spring is not actually a city? It is an unincorporated area, yet get this, it is the fourth most populated region of the entire state. Now, Maryland isn’t large by any means, but still, that is quite intriguing. Silver Spring MD is also a hop, skip and a jump away from Washington DC. Let’s get to looking at some of the places of interest you will find in Silver Spring, Maryland.

Wheaton Regional Park is on Shorefield Road, and there is so much to do just at this one spot that it will make your head spin. Do you like to go horseback riding? You can enjoy the hiking trails, go ice skating, enjoy a picnic, visit Brookside Gardens, take a train ride and more. It sounds like a really cool place to spend the day, don’t you think?

Another popular park in Silver Spring is Sligo Creek Park. Sligo Creek Park is part of the Anacostia Tributary Trail System. The park features a paved walking trail, tennis courts, picnic areas and more. You can, of course, enjoy the Anacostia River while you are there. People say this is quite the popular park, not just during the day but also at night, too.

Anacostia River Silver Spring MD

The Downtown Silver Spring Market is another popular place of interest. Located on Ellsworth Drive, The Downtown Silver Spring Market is said to be quite the festive Farmers Market. There are baked goods for sale there, too. And, not only can you buy fresh produce at the market, but you can buy meat, too.

Now let’s take a look at Great Shoals Winery. It is located on New Hampshire Avenue, and you can choose which tastings you would like. For example, one reviewer talks about a cider tasting and also a tasting of sparkling wine. Are you a cider fan? There are specifically four choices for the cider people say, and they are pear, plum, peach and apple.

Gateway To NOAA is on East-West Highway, and it is a neat place to visit. Reviews do mention that it is small, so you won’t be spending a bunch of time there. Still, people say learning about the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration is unique and interesting. Would it be a stop you would like to make in Silver Spring, Maryland?

One place of interest in Silver Spring that is a landmark is the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad Station. It is a historic place for sure, and people talk about stopping by and taking pictures. Now, not only do you want to know what places of interest to visit in the city, but you also want to know some great restaurants, don’t you? So, I want to give you the name of two popular restaurants that you can visit while in Silver Spring.

The Copper Canyon Grill is one of the restaurants I wanted to mention. You can find it on Ellsworth Drive, and salmon, prime rib, meatloaf and crab cakes are some of the menu items served up there. People talk about Copper Canyon Grill having a very nice and relaxing atmosphere for a restaurant, too.

Greek Village Restaurant is another popular restaurant to visit, and it is on New Hampshire Avenue. Enjoy a gyro platter, Greek Salad, seafood and much more at Greek Village Restaurant. Now you have two restaurants to visit for pit stops as you are making your way around to all of those places of interest. Are you ready to plan your trip to Silver Spring MD?

There are also great local businesses in Silver Spring, MD.  Now that you know what places of interest to visit in the city, and some great restaurants, let me tell you about some great local businesses.

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